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Beneficentia's focuses on niche investment areas including managed futures, private equity special solutions and multi-asset strategies.  The company is continuously developing products of exceptional performance and solid risk management that are offered to qualified investors under private placement rules.


Financial planning is a cyclical, dynamic process that helps identify personal or corporate financial objectives, goals and priorities.  The planning process starts by identifying in detail current financial circumstances. Having understood these, we then work together with you to identify plans, values, and objectives of the financial plan.  We start with the end in mind. Once we have understood the current circumstances and financial goals, we then work with you to help formulate a sound Financial Plan.


We deliver strategic management consulting services in key areas such as investment management structuring, fund establishment, corporate strategy, organization development and operations. We have a strong focus on managing change across multiple business disciplines and various cultures.  

We work together with you to identify and investigate problems and opportunities, recommend appropriate actions and help to implement those recommendations. Our services are addressed to corporations, governments and high net worth individuals across a variety of sectors, particularly in asset management, corporate governance, and independent wealth management.

We offer exceptional expertise in structuring investment funds from inception to full operation.  We assist in identifying the best possible fund structures tailored to your needs and help establishing the funds in the most adapted jurisdictions with top quality fund service providers. 

We offer a complete solution for fund initiators willing to gain access to Investment Fund solutions in Luxembourg, Cyprus, and other fund jurisdictions matching their goals.  The concept is centered on a commited approach of quality service in 'nursing' funds from inception to full growth.

This offer is founded on expert fund structuring, access to best practice management, and commited growth support of alternative funds through tax efficient investment schemes with access to global distribution.

We have built partnerships in our consulting capacity to assist capital raising and also offer expertise in complementary areas.


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