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The company aims to offer a range of alternative solutions in different asset classes.

Beneficentia currently manages the Essentia Fund SPC which comprises of Hybrid Value Equity, Diversified Strategies and Selective Credit Strategies segregated portfolios.

We aim to create beneficial fund performance and deliver real returns while providing full transparency of our investment strategy, risk management, and remuneration.


Essentia Fund SPC – Hybrid Value Equity

The Hybrid Value Equity segregated portfolio is a long-only, primarily Euro-denominated, no leverage fund investing primarily in listed Eurozone stocks with an objective to achieve medium- to long-term capital appreciation of the funds under management.

The “Hybrid” nature of the strategy stems from the fact that the portfolio selection process uses fundamental balance sheet data for each company in the investment universe and applies a systematic way of comparing companies within the same subset or sector.  The fund seeks to provide a relative return with the target being to outperform the MSCI EMU Index.

Essentia Hybrid Value  Private Placement Memorandum is available on request.  The PPM was last updated  in November 2014.


Essentia Fund SPC -  Diversified Strategies

The investment objective of the Diversified Strategies segregated portfolio is to provide investors with an opportunity to achieve capital appreciation by investing in funds and/or managed account programs that trade in a wide range of diversified strategies across all asset classes.

The fund aims to achieve its objective through a combination of pro-cyclical, counter-cyclical and a-cyclical strategies. The Fund may therefore, through its investment in fund products, managed accountsprograms and single instruments have exposure (through a variety of financial instruments) to a number of investments and positions.

Essentia Diversified Strategies Private Placement Memorandum is available on request.  The PPM was last updated  in November 2014.


Essentia Fund SPC - Selective Credit Strategies

Fund Objectives

The fund will be primarily a fund of funds with an investment objective to achieve capital appreciation by investing in different credit strategies, credit-linked instruments as well as trade finance strategies.

It is expected that the fund will achieve its investment objectives by gaining exposure to a mix of short and medium term financing arrangements, including but not limited to: secured and unsecured loans; other debt instruments; mezzanine and subordinated debt; insured managed receivables strategies; invoice discounting; factoring; forfeiting; rural and commercial credit strategies; asset backed credit strategies; distressed loans; distressed deposits; credit strategies in litigation; financing commodity projects; and  letters of credit.

Essentia Selective Credit Strategies Private Placement Memorandum available upon request.  The PPM was last updated in November 2014.


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